Sunday, September 7, 2008


Hi, my name is Larkin! I'm a black Labrador Retriever, a service dog from Paws with a Cause in Michigan. I came to live with my owner after completing training August 15th. Today, we had our second lesson with the field trainer to teach my new owner how to work with me! I worked on pulling her wheelchair today (after they finally got my harness on correctly...), and we worked on retrieving objects she drops. My command to pull her chair is "Move", and my commands to retrieve objects are "Take It", "Hold", and "Give". I'm doing very well! I also "Heel" very well while she's on her scooter. Long walks are my favorite!

- Larkin and Kimberley


Shadow said...

Hey Larkin and Ms. Kimberley!!! The blog is looking good! It's real easy to use if you have any questions, just call Anna Marie or myself. Have fun blogging you two!

Sarah and Shadow

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ms. Kimberley and Larkin! It's looking great! I had so much fun helping you with it! Sarah's right, if you have any questions call us! Terrific!

Anna Marie and Rusty

The Brax Blog said...

Great to have you in the blogging world!!
I am friends with Anna Marie and Sarah, maybe I could meet you guys sometime!
I train dogs for the blind.

Frankie's trainer

Love your blog!

UKON said...

Service dog UKON from Paws with a Cause

Aussie said...

Hope you're settling in at home. we miss your silly face here in SEMI. Your foster mom will flip when she sees you doing your thing.
Learn lots & get certified quick so we can all talk to your forever mom.
Aussie-future assistance dog and your buddy Tank