Friday, September 26, 2008

Havin' Fun at the Horseback Riding Lessons!

Well, yesterday was Thursday & we went riding again. Hooray.

I walked with my pal ( She's so patient with me & I do my best for her - I get a lesson too & she's good with the Cheerios thing to motivate me. ) while Kimberley rode a different horse named Matchbox. He was a good ole' boy that's a sure thing always, steady & predicitable and very willing. AND what a personality. [One of the side walkers say he "keeps everyone on their toes."] Being so gentle & willing's important for special needs riders & Matchbox is a trooper with a great attitude and can always be relied on for a good ride.

Kimberley stayed on twice as long & practiced the stops - starts and turns in the arena. Things are getting better for her. It's a slow process waking up those muscles affected by Muscular Dystrophy - not to mention being Out-of the-saddle for 27 years. But her instructors & helpers are very patient, kind & sooooo encouraging. They're all priceless.

We were so inspired & my owner almost cried when we watched all those dear little ( & big) children take their riding lessons. Some screeched with JOY and the smiles were bigger than TEXAS on their faces. There was a beautiful little girl about 4 yrs old, she impressed us the most. She was tiny, but that didn't stop her as she rotated around on the horse from front to side to back to front again then laid back on him for a good stretch. WOW she was precious. I think she was riding Gizmo. He was a good boy for her too. Her pleasure & tenacity was impressive.

There is another young boy, maybe about 10 or so that rides as well as a jockey even though he doesn't walk. He has great positioning and needs no extra help. As soon as he mounts, he's off. So bold & so happy to be riding. Horses bring such pleasure & a feeling of well being to those who love them. Just like dogs do for dog lovers & cats for cat lovers... hmmm. GOD got it right when he gave Us to Them, didn't HE. Oh Yeah.

We met so many new people yesterday that volunteer for this Riding program & ate the most delicious BROWNIES ever. (Of course I only got one crumb that slipped my way - before Kimberley could nab it, I did. Ha. Ha. What a great group to be with.

It was lots of fun & everyone is nice & love me. That makes my job easier, even if they can't love on me like they say they want to. The kids all know I'm working so they just look at me with kind eyes. Can't wait till next week.

Today is a rainy one, so we are gonna have to play with my tennis ball in the house instead of going for long walks with her on her scooter.

Oh well, a siesta isn't always so bad. zzzzzzzzz.

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Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I'm going to make sure my mom shows this khool post to my buddy Ekhho's mom so she khan share it with her biped daughter!

What great work woo ALL do!!