Friday, September 19, 2008

Hi everyone.

I have had some big adventures & am doing so well training my owner. She is catching on & we are starting to have some very cool times together. Like yesterday we went to her 1st horseback riding (hippotherapy) lesson together. I could tell she had the best time ever & so did I. She's been out of the saddle for 27 yrs and along with her special prayers to get me, she prayed to get to ride again... So both prayers were answered at last. All things come to those who wait - not to those who hesitate - so Trust GOD for all things, HE always comes thru.

We will be posting lots of pics when we get better at bloggin'. I got to go into the arena and walk with a hippotherapist who has a therapy boxer & loves dogs while she rode Kaluha & I was soooo good. It was quite the experience. We are working toward her getting her "seat" (balance) back so she can ride w/o side walkers & we will can go out on the trails together one day. I could tell she was feeling a little shakey at first, but Kaluha was a good horse & so patient as we walked around in the arena. I even licked his nose & he snorted at me.

The ladies that do this program have been helping special needs people ride for 5 years. They are all wonderful gals & loved me too.

This Sunday I get to visit with Nitro my field trainer's dog from Paws With A Cause and we're all going to the MALL together. This is gonna be fun & after that, we can go as a team to public places together. All good practice for our certification. She says we are doing great so far.

Thanks for all the posts from my family at Paws. It is great to read about them all & see their pictures. I'm lovin' this & so is Kimberley. I even got to see a picture an artist drew of me in July - before we teamed up, on her website. Check the link out, she's GOOD.

Well, pictures are coming later... C Ya

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Sarah and Shadow said...

Awesome Larkin!!!
I hope I can come see you when Nitro is there! Going to the mall is cool, especially with dogs!!!

Last time I went to that mall I saw a working dog!!! And if I go with you guys I'll see two!!