Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good Evening!

Lila Tov Everyone,

Good Evening to you - Can you guess what Language??

Checkin' in to say we had another fun day. I made my first trip to the Dr.'s office with Kimberley.
I was such a good boy & was very quiet during the entire visit. Then we went to fill her prescription & to the grocery store to get some organic stuff for supper. I think "GO" is my middle name, I know it's hers too.

I'm so happy to be going everywhere she goes now that we can be in public together. (I passed the Mall test just fine so 'Public, NO PROBLEM for me'.) She never leaves me in the kennel any more & I'm good with that. It's kinda hard to to walk past all the friendly folks that stop to smile & want to pet me though. I can always tell a dog lover, they usually smell yummy, but when I'm working I have to pass them by with just a WAG of the Tail. They're polite when Kimberley tells them I'm working.

Off for a snooze now. Tomorrow - HORSEBACK RIDING.

C ya


Anonymous said...

Great job, Larkin! I saw you at the mall and you were terrific! Sorry I haven't been commenting in a while. School is SO busy this year....

Anna Marie

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

what is 'hebrew' Alex?

sorry, difFURent game!

You khontinue to do such grrrrreat work!

Happy Horsing!


Sarah and Shadow said...


That's great you get to go everywhere! Yeah you did so good at the mall, I'm still mad at myself for not brining my camera!! ;P


Have fun at horse back riding, even though u don't ride!!

Larkin and Kimberley said...

Hebrew it is my friends Sarah & Shadow. Right on...

C ya tomorrow.

p.s. hope you have a COZY day today, what with the Nor'Easter blowin' n' Pourin' today.